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A safe, convenient tool!

Only reason I am giving these 4 stars is because the original price seemed quite high, for a fabric disc. Other than that, these have been a lot of fun to use, and are safe in several settings, where swinging a bat and/or hitting a ball isn't an option.


I had one before and just got these to to add to training tools.

Great product

Has helped my son’s swing tremendously.

Great Training Tool

I have been working with the Hitting Disk with my 10U son and he loves it. We have brought it to games and the whole team has warmed up with it to keep their hands in the proper position through impact.

I wish they were a little heavier.

Baseball Hitting Disk
Michelle Trager
Baseball Hitting Disk

My daughter uses these to improve her softball swing. Great for indoor spaces.

Baseball Hitting Disk
Danielle Kuneck
My 8yo LOVED it

My baseball loving son was excited to brush up on his hitting skills, as well as attend his first catching clinic. He came home excited to show me some new footwork as a catcher! Thanks for having these clinics to keep the kids busy, but having fun on their days off!

Baseball Hitting Disk
Jody McMillan
Good idea

I can see where it could be beneficial.

Great product!

Simple and effective way to keep swing in check.

Must Have

Teaches a lot of concepts about the swing. Palm up palm down and extension. Kids catch on and enjoy throwing the hitting disk. As a coach I recommend the hitting disk.

Baseball Catching Disk
Patrick Gantt

Baseball Catching Disk

Baseball Hitting Disk
Frank A Manzano II

Great hand path drill

Baseball Hitting Disk
Nicholas Meyer

We use these everyday in our membership hitting program. We love them but the first set we bought started losing beads after like 6 months. Hopefully these last longer.

Baseball Hitting Disk

Great piece to use for indoors!

My girls loved using these to help with form and it was great to use indoors!

Baseball Catching Disk
Collison Catching
Great tool for training my catchers

These are a great tool when working with catchers, a great focus is having them be patient through the flight of the ball. These disk move multiple directions based on the way you throw them. My catchers love the challenge of catching these when I throw with late movement.
Highly recommend for the catcher or catching coach.

Baseball Hitting Disk
Christopher Montjoy
Great Winter Conditioning Aid

The disk works great for hitting as well and catching drills. Most have for your coaching bag.

Proper form = Potential

Form and repetition make the difference. Disc definitely help with arm placement

Softball Hitting Disk
Francisco Estevez
As advertised

Kids sometimes don’t grasp the “pizza or the pie!” The disks made my daughter understand the concept of not turning your hands !

Awesome tool !

Softball Hitting Disk
Benny Silva FV (Combatready)
Great tool

My players are are improving since they have been working with the hitting disc they are more consistent with putting the ball in play.

Softball Hitting Disk
Jennifer Backman
Great Product

I am a high school coach and these are really helping our players stay level through the zone.

Baseball Hitting Disk
Randall Phaneuf
Great concept

I coach little league baseball the kids I thought had good hands really have good hands this training tool is very accurate. Great tool to teach kids with bad mechanics the proper path through the hitting zone.

Softball Catching Disk
morales, edwin
Catching disk

Great little product. I use with out catchers and first baseman’s. It helps with the glove issues on the 1B


We would like easier to find drills and instruction on how to exactly use them to there full capacity.

Softball Hitting Disk
morales, edwin
Good product

We were using frisbees for this drill but this product is a lifesaver. The frezzbes don't give you that instant feedback of what the player is doing with its hands. I like this product and will purchase another set.