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Developing the hands of a perfect swing. Craig Nettles the 6-time Major League All-Star, 5-time World Series contender. “One of the best training tools I have seen in years!” says Craig.

We designed the hitting disk specifically for teaching proper swing fundamentals to the thousands of players enrolled at America’s Baseball Camps all across North America.

“The swing plane is on of the most important aspect in hitting. Bottom line, the longer you stay through the ball the better your swing is. This tool is perfect for that as I think all hitters would benefit greatly from this product.” Steve McFarland, Professional Coach – Chicago Cubs.

The Hitting Disk teaches a simple, but fundamental bat-swing motion and allows you to properly repeat it over and over without fatigue and strain. It’s fun to use, really inexpensive and proven effective! Practice a proper swing & approach every time! The Hitting Disk is actually the basis for a fundamental palm-up, palm-down hitting drill. You work on throwing your hands toward the pitcher and building a keen understanding of the angles of your swing. Once the Hitting Disk leaves your hands you get instant feedback if you rolled your hands too early, or are approaching the ball upward. Rolling your hands over too early will show a ground ball and the disk will not fly. Approaching the ball with an upward swing will make the disk fly upwards. If you’ve used proper from, the Hitting Disk will leave your hands and take off like a line drive!

Just a bit of practice can really improve your batting speed and power. Remember, the more consistent your swing plane and hand position, the more consistent your hitting will be. Created for any age. Practice indoors! Beginners and coaches alike can benefit from using the Hitting Disk. It’s lightweight and soft so you can use it indoors or out to work on building batting fundamentals anytime.


We designed the catching disk to work on your hand-eye coordination and your soft hand receiving skills. The disks are great because they have late movement and really challenge all levels of baseball and softball catchers to work on increasing soft hands and hand-eye skills. Safe, affordable, great for practice, pregame indoors and out. A softball and baseball training aid for catchers taking you to the next level. 


Our selection of products and materials have been sourced and selected with precision to ensure our products are of the highest quality.


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"This hitting disk is a really hot training tool that I highly recommend for any age or ability. The hitting disk focuses on your swing plane, which is one of the most important parts of your swing. I am really excited about this product and hope you are too, I just wish it was around when I was coming up."

Greg Nettles - 22 years Major League Baseball Player, 6 All-Star Games, 5 World Series Appearances

"This product is safe, simple to use, a blast for players of all ages. Thousands of players around the country, in camps use this product to get better and is the ideal product for practices, stations or individual work. Mastering your hand path is huge and if you master your bat path, you have a chance. Great job hitting disk for creating a hit in the hitting training tool world!"

Ron Hall - Varsity Baseball Coach Nor Cal

"The swing plane is on of the most important aspect in hitting. Bottom line, the longer you stay through the ball the better your swing is. This tool is perfect for that as I think all hitters would benefit greatly from this product."

Steve McFarland - Professional Baseball Scout – Chicago Cubs Organization

"Wow- what a product. Our girls love them, you see improvement the moment they start throwing them. Some of the girls never realized how early their hands where rolling over. Amazing for practices, safe to not get hurt with for reps at home and for mastering your swing. How many hitting training tools can you get under $10? Great product and we will always continue to use them nationwide in our camps. Players and coaches love them!"

Sandi Day - US Fastptich Camps

"As a coach of all ages I have always struggle with ways to make hitting practice fun or keep kids occupied while I am in the cage coaching. I started using the disc primarily as a way to keep kids busy, however, I noticed that the more we used the disc the better the hitting in the cage and on the field became. Using the disc is now mandatory at all practices and the games that we have developed with it keeps practice fun and lively. It has definitely made a difference."

Mike K - 10U - 16U Quakes Baseball Club

"This baseball training tool has been great, teaches our players to stay through the ball, when to roll hands and when not to roll hands. It’s also great for practices, always looking for something fresh and new for stations. They are safe, affordable and a must have for any coaches bag with any age team."

Andy M - Midnight Suns Select Program

"I use the Hitting Disk during all of my camps, clinics and lessons all over Northern Nevada and California. It is one of the most fun, effective, easy to use and safe training aids available.

First of all, the Hitting Disk won’t fly consistently straight and for any significant distance if you don’t keep the front shoulder closed, get the hands to a palm up – palm down position, maintain a short path to release, stay balanced and utilize the lower half. These same “rules” apply to the swing. Simply put, if a player can get the Hitting Disk to consistently fly straight and for a relatively far distance, they typically have a fundamentally sound swing.

Additionally, the Hitting Disk is so fun to use that players who train with the Hitting Disk regularly are actually improving their swings without realizing they are “practicing” proper swing mechanics. We do accuracy contests, distance contests, Hitting Disk golf and Over-the-Line games that bring out the competitiveness in the kids creating a more focused and fun atmosphere. We even use the Hitting Disk during our indoor clinics because they are safe to use and won’t break windows or injure someone if they do fly off path. I have actually had kids show up for camp and at check in on the first day ask “Are we going to use the Hitting Disk this camp?” They look forward to the Hitting Disk games sometimes more than any other part of camp!

I understand that having a good swing and being a good hitter are two different things. With that said, having a fundamentally sound swing is the basis for any good hitter and the Hitting Disk will help any player improve their swing."

Todd Coburn- Founder & President of The Catching Guy/Gamer Baseball