How Disk Works


Step 1 – Flop your Hitting Disk!

Choose an area, inside or out, that has some open space. – you’re going to want to throw with the wind. Hold the Hitting Disk™ in the palm of one hand. Half of the disk should flop over your thumb (see photo). Your Hitting Disk is labeled to help both right and left handers position the disk properly. You’ll get the hang of it with just one or two tries!

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Step 2 – Clap your hands

Put the other hand on top – all fingers touching with the disk between your hands. Maintaining a “palm up” position through your imaginary point of contact is the key to training effectively with the Hitting Disk™. Tip: One of the most common problems in hitting is caused by rolling the hands too early in the swing – creating a substantial loss of bat-speed and power.

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Step 3 – Set your batting stance

Now, get in your normal batting stance and put your hands in the same position you would with a baseball or softball bat – hands should be up and around the face area. Your feet will be just past your shoulders, toes are slightly turned in, knees are bent, back elbow is down, hands are away from your body and back, just around your shoulders.

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Step 4 – Serve the pizza!

Once you are in a comfortable hitting stance, you’re ready to swing. To get the hang of what the Hitting Disk can teach you, pretend there is a long table about waist high from home plate to the pitcher’s mound. Imagine the Hitting Disk is a small pizza and you are going to slide the pizza straight down the table! Tip- be aggressive with your swing – taking the same swing as you would take with a bat. Make sure you do not push your hands through the ball as you need to drive your hands through the ball.

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Step 5 – Be aggressive through the ball

When you release the disk or at your point of contact your top hand palm should be facing the sky. Don’t role your top hand over to early as this will create groundballs. Throwing the disk up indicates the same swing that creates fly balls. By sliding the imaginary pizza – you’re performing a fundamental “palm up” hitting drill. If you’ve maintained your form through the toss, your Hitting Disk will fly straight like a line drive. For beginners, try throwing the disk about 10 yards, and advanced your goal to about 30 yards.

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Step 6 – Something Here

When you come through to finish, make sure you finish high with your hands – keeping your eyes on the ball at contact. Remember, you want to keep a palm up, palm down position well through the ball. Hitting Tip: The longer you stay in form through the ball at contact, the stronger hitter you will be. All good hitters hit “through” the ball and not “at” the ball. Try imagining that you are hitting two balls spaced about a foot apart at one time. The first ball is the one you are hitting and the other ball is coming …

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Step 7 – Don’t forget the importance of balance

Make sure that when you have finished throwing the disk your stance is still balanced. Notice the proper line from the top of the hat, all the way down the body and straight out the knee into the ground (photo). You don’t want to have a bent front leg or be titling up. When you throw the disk the correct way, with the wind, it will go out like a line drive and land easily. Sample Drills with Hitting Disk™ Target Drill – Tape up some targets that you can throw into to work on your opposite field contact and …

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