How does Disk help my swing?


  • Helps get your hands inside ball
  • Helps you short to ball
  • Helps get you on plane of ball
  • Helps you stay through ball
  • Helps you learn point of contact
  • Safe, fun and affordable
  • Great for tournament pre-game hitting
Great for practices, pre-game, team and group training. Indoors/outdoors, fun safe and powerful softball/baseball training hitting tool. Great hitting tool to improve your swing, over 500,000 sold worldwide.
Only $30 and work to improve your average!  

Welcome to the Hitting Disk!

Providing baseball & softball hitting training aids. One of the best hitting training tools & hitting training aid around. Batting aids since 1997. The Hitting Disk teaches a simple, but fundamental bat-swing motion and allows you to properly repeat it over and over without fatigue and strain. It’s fun to use, really inexpensive and proven effective! Practice a proper swing & approach every time!


Change your swing for less than $30!



The Hitting Disk is actually the basis for a fundamental palm-up, palm-down hitting drill. You work on throwing your hands toward the pitcher and building a keen understanding of the angles of your swing. Once the Hitting Disk leaves your hands you get instant feedback if you rolled your hands too early, or are approaching the ball upward.


Created by former minor league batting champion Ben Boulware of America’s Baseball Camps and endorsed by Craig Nettles the 6-time Major League All Star, 5-time World Series contender. “One of the best training tools I have seen in years!” says Craig.


Baseball training and hitting aid/tool for any season to get better. Establish proper hitting mechanics, reinforce muscle memory, and make baseball practice more fun. Providing baseball & softball training aids, hitting stations, swing trainers, training bats, since 1997.

September 2017

The Hitting Disk

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